3 Easy Craft With Paper You Must Know


Paper is easy to find, easy to use, and easy to recycle. It’s also a creative medium that is easy for kids and adults alike. You can cut it into shapes, decorate it with paint or markers, fold it into origami animals, and more! This article will show you 3 easy crafts with the paper you must know how to do today!

1) Paper Chains:

Start by taking two sheets of square-shaped paper (8”x8”). Fold them in half diagonally so the corners meet at the middle. Then unfold them again so they’re flat on your desk. Draw an arrow pointing up on one sheet of paper using a pencil or pen, then draw another arrow pointing down on the other sheet. Now take the sheet that points up and turn it over so that its bottom corner is facing down. Fold the top corner of the sheet behind, as shown in the picture. Next, hold on to your paper chain with one hand and pull out a small length of it from the backside using your other hand. Take one of the folded corners with your fingers and slide it forward underneath the paper at a diagonal. Repeat this process to the end of your chain as demonstrated in the picture.

2) Paper Kaleidoscope:

A close up of a knife

Start by cutting a square out of a piece of paper – any size you would like. Now fold it in half, straighten out the crease and open it up again. Fold the edges (the top and bottom halves of the paper) into the middle to make 3 even folds along its length. You can now cut patterns or designs on either side of your folded paper to create different effects. Unfold your paper and you will see that the creases have created a series of repeating patterns. Now take any thin object such as a pencil, pen, or paintbrush and roll up one side over it so it creates a cone shape with the paper. Place another thin object inside at an angle to hold the paper in place. You now have a homemade kaleidoscope!

3) Money Origami:

Start by cutting a piece of rectangular-shaped paper – any size you would like. Fold it in half, straighten out the crease and open it up again. From one corner to another, cut from the top edge about 1/4 of the way down, then cut from the lower edge up towards the folded corner you just created. Unfold it and you should have a square with diagonal creases on one of its sides. Fold the right side of that square into itself so that it creates a triangle shape with pointy corners. Now fold the same piece over again so it creates a smaller triangle shape. Repeat this step until your paper is only an inch wide and fold it over once more. Now unfold your paper and you should see that its height is equal to about 1 piece of money (dollar bill). Pull one corner’s edge outwards to make creases all around the outside. Then turn your paper over and fold the outer corners into the middle. You can then pull out one of the folded edges to create a square shape.

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