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A Tight Rope Walker And His life

A Tight Rope Walker And His life

You would have seen many portrait of trapeze artists walking a tight rope, and you should know that many talented members of the society turn into trapeze artists to earn a livelihood. It works well for these people, they have the talent, and they win many an accolade just walking this rope year after year, day after day. The tight rope is tied between two poles of iron or steel, and the tight rope walker carries a wooden staff in their hands to find the balance to walk between the two poles. It is estimated that the rope is between 20 to 30 feet in length, and the height of the line is around 10 feet from the ground.

The Art Of Tight Rope Walkers

There is no age for a tight rope walker, and artists as young as eight-year-olds, and as old as 50 years old do this tight rope walking.

A Tight Rope Walker And His life
A Tight Rope Walker And His life

The clan of the tight rope walkers is always migrating to find work. These people walk between 1000s of kilometers and make ends meet. Usually, these people have much to regale about, and ironically their profession keeps them alive.

But, tight rope walking is not just about poor people, it is also about the adventure junkies who have all the money in the world, and who want to make a mark for themselves and get known to be the real adventure enthusiasts in the world of possibilities.

European Tight Rope Walkers

These are people who have performed in European circus since the 1700s. But, the commonality between the rich and the poor tight rope walkers is that they start early maybe at the age of 4 years of age, and that is for two reasons such as one learns every hobby faster as a kid and second is that it is easy to start learning balance when one is just 4 to 5 years of age.

The second common ground between tight rope walkers from both rich and poor circles is that they want to win.

Safety First

Most tight walkers learn early how to manage a tight rope unassisted, and they start with a height of 2 feet and then later start balancing at a higher elevation. A safety harness is essential during the practice sessions; some trapeze artists are so great that they can manage walking on the rope while being thrown around in different directions.

Concentration & Faith Second

A Tight Rope Walker And His life
A Tight Rope Walker And His life

These artists need faith and concentration in front of an audience, and they perhaps pray during the whole act. This act is called aerial travel, and it is an epic feat for one to achieve. Some people even perform without a net, but sometimes these tight rope walkers break all their bones. Still, these artists always make a comeback, the conditions are always adverse, but these trapeze artists rise above literally and figuratively.

Thrill Seekers And Tight Rope Walkers

It is thrill-seeking, and it is judging one’s own ability to take risks and check one’s physical strength. It is one of the many death-defying acts, accidents are common, and some people choose heights of Niagara Falls to climb, and win over their fears, some tight rope walkers have luxury while sure others have poverty.


One should be able to prepare, there are balance and tension, there is preparation for failure, some think they do not need training, and the whole time of the act is 40 minutes. The main action is the long walk with trepidation and fear, excitement and adventure.

Those tight rope walkers who prepare well and have the training and the money can also finish 600 feet in the air, and a distance between 1200 feet from one end of the valley to the other end of the valley.

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