Best Juggling Balls for Professional

Juggling Balls

Are you familiar with jugglers? If you know them or you are even one of them then this article is suitable for you. We are going to talk about expert juggling balls here today.

Most people see juggling balls as “balls” that are picked up to be juggled. For some, they are only toys or props for the juggler’s act. Accurate, but it doesn’t encompass the different types of juggling balls.

There is more to juggling than the ball itself and especially the techniques used for it. A great juggler is nothing without the proper tools. With that in mind, we have chosen the best juggling balls for professionals.

Find the best pieces of information about them today. Accordingly, it is good to have some knowledge about them so you would know what will fit your needs. Always remember that not all of these are created equal.

Top Rated in Juggling Balls for Experts

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Speevers Xballs Juggling Balls

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One of the best juggling balls for durability, the Speevers, is guaranteed to be made from high-quality materials. These high-quality materials ensure that the Speevers is both waterproof and dirtproof. It is also available in many sizes, weights, and colors. However, when ordered in groups of threes, the balls may not be the same size or color as each other.

ArtCreativity Juggling Balls

The ArtCreativity Balls are the best juggling balls for beginners and professionals. These juggling balls are perfectly balanced and shaped, which means that the balls remain comfortable even after extended periods of use. However, the ArtCreativity balls are capable of breaking apart if used too roughly. Also, the balls may end up being too small for some.

Duncan Juggling Balls

The Duncan balls are perfectly refined, being a perfect size and shape for most people. Weighing at 9.1 ounces, and sized at 7x4x4 inches, the balls are filled with plastic beads. The balls are colorful and are guaranteed not to bounce. However, some have complained that the Duncan balls do not smell good, which throws them off.

Kickfire Hydras Juggling Balls

The Kickfire balls are available in multiple colors and are perfectly balanced. Furthermore, these balls are guaranteed not to roll away. This feature makes it easier for the juggler since he/she does not need to worry about the balls’ position while juggling. However, the balls are not that durable due to the stitching material being low quality.

US Games 3″ Juggling Balls

These juggling balls are suitable for both beginner and pro since they don’t bounce that much when dropped. They are also relatively easy to juggle. However, some have said that these balls are too light and too soft to use. Some have also complained that they are hard to see due to their colors.


Jugglers are more than their talents and techniques. A good one knows the significance of having the proper set of tools as well. With this, do not just rely on yourself. If you want to improve, have the best balls also. It is never too late to buy one now.

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