Graffiti And Other Matters Of The Art!

A graffiti covered wall

If you are a big city person, then you sure to have witnessed graffiti on the road sidewalls. It is, in fact, so beautiful that you might want to stop by and take a couple of selfies around the stunning graffiti.

Some city art is mind-blowing, and most capitals of nations have beautiful graffiti-strewn around. It is called street art. Some art is bold, eccentric, colorful, and inspiring even though more often than not, the painters who spray across the art are coming from a poor background and are uneducated. It amazes to see that they have the sense to paint something which will interest and intrigue the elite bystanders and the passersby.

Graffiti And Other Matters Of The Art!
Graffiti And Other Matters Of The Art!

Socio-Political Art

If you have noticed well, then you would see that the graffiti sends across social and political messages. It speaks of a nation’s development, how beautiful the roads are, how decorated, and how lit up with social and political news. 

Self Expression And Positive Thinking 

Self-expression and positive thinking are the main themes of graffiti. The graffiti has replicas of palaces on the walls of the city.

Wherever you see a riot of colors that is the beauty of the local artists of the city. The artists do paint not only on the streets but also public murals, and if they are any good, then they get assignments even to paint the city monuments. Graffiti is the best form of this art. It’s also multidimensional and hard to interpret as it has different meaning for every person who looks at the graffiti writing, and you can weave your own story about it.

Lanes And By Lanes Of Street Graffiti

Usually, you would find graffiti in those areas which have pubs and the related pub crawlers. There are lanes and by-lanes of painted walls, and there is so much beauty to be seen on the roads that you will feel you are in a developed, artistic place on earth that has its heritage. You will also see street culture when you see the kids off street painters living on the underside of the bridge and living with the parents on the sidelines of culture.

These walls are made up of quirky ideas; the painters have the aesthetic sense that they can paint beautiful murals, which become a matter of pride for the people who live in the city, and for city developers as well.

Smiley Art & Graffiti

It is a recent phenomenon that you see neon painted smiley faces that occur on walls. Smileys on the walls are new, and a memorable event.

These graffiti painted walls are the real attractions of a city because they draw attention to the art which no one has ever seen before. These walls are for those who have an eye for beauty. They are in demand, and they have a place in the history of the city.

Graffiti And Other Matters Of The Art!
Graffiti And Other Matters Of The Art!

Safe Artists 

Our forlorn lanes are safe with these artists, and they do a makeover for the worst walls of city capitals. Just a few cans of paint and some brushes, they makeover the city and they make for the city’s beauty. They are also our unsung heroes, who add charm to the city that we inhabit.

Graffiti art has been there since the 1970s. Some of the graffiti is images while some other writing is texts as well. Most of it is done with spray paint, and the culture started none other than in the USA.

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