Graffiti Removal – What is It

graffiti tags

The definition of a tag is an inscribed writing, drawing, or symbol on any surface with the intention of interfering with the orderly operation of a building or in an attempt to vandalize the writing itself. While many cities and schools have rules against defacing buildings with writings, some buildings have more lenient policies. If you’ve noticed someone writing something on your sidewalk or in your front yard, but aren’t sure if it’s vandalism, here are some examples of the different styles of tags:

Commercial/ Industrial

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These types of graffiti tags are most often seen on buildings in industrial areas such as warehouses and factories. They can include all types of symbols, letters, and combinations. They’re usually written on non-toxic materials such as paint or metal in black. In general, graffiti tags fall into two categories, commercial and industrial. As their name suggests, commercial graffiti styles are used by businesses (i.e. restaurants, retail stores, etc.) These throw-ups can contain any number of different styles, depending on their purpose.

New York

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Graffiti artists in the Big Apple create and apply graffiti on everything from the streets and sidewalks to buildings, park benches, and more. There is no central place for graffiti artists in the city, which makes the styles unique. Some of the more popular graffiti styles include tagging subway cars, trucks, construction zones, auto dealer plaques, the now-shuttered Ford dealership, and the increasingly common “taggy” style on signs and windows. New York City is a very competitive city, so many newer taggers come up through the same avenues as those who have been doing it for years.

San Francisco

Although there aren’t any large graffiti tags found in the city, there is still a significant amount of street art throughout the city. There are pockets of exclusive, high-end galleries and clothing shops that carry only original works created by local artists. Another way to get original graffiti art in the Bay Area is to look for local street artists who sell their work at small, cheap exhibits. However, most talented San Francisco street artists do not advertise or show their work in public, making it difficult to obtain original pieces of street art.

Los Angeles

As far as cities with a large Asian population, Los Angeles is one of the world’s largest art centers. There are a multitude of galleries, shops, and museums dedicated to contemporary and traditional Asian art forms, from traditional Chinese brush paintings to

Many of the world’s top graffiti artists have grown up here, creating a vibrant, creative environment for local artists to thrive in.

Abstract Japanese Drawings

Graffiti tags are usually seen as vandalism, but in actuality, graffiti removal is quite the opposite. Since graffiti artists make their living and make their money creating and designing tags, the association is very clear. These artists may be asked to remove the graffiti by police officers, and may even be sued if their work is removed without permission. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact an experienced graffiti removal service today.

Wrapping Up

It would be wise to avoid tags, as they can cause serious damage to your property. Even though the cost of removing a tagged wall can be quite high, it is often worth the cost to keep the area looking clean and tidy. Many artists consider their work of art, and rightfully so, since graffiti is also considered vandalism. By keeping up your property and looking out for your own safety, you will be better able to enjoy the graffiti removal services that your community provides. You will also benefit from learning more about the history of tags, how to stop them, and why some artists choose to graffiti only rather than paint on walls.

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