How To Juggle 3 Balls: Basic Cascade And Tips

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Do you know how to juggle 3 balls? Juggling a ball is actually a lot easier than you might think. All it takes is a little bit of focus and concentration on your part. One of the biggest mistakes that youth soccer players make when juggling is that they hit the ball high up into the air. When juggling a ball, you actually want to keep the ball as low to the ground as possible. By keeping the ball as low to the ground as possible, you will be making it much easier for yourself to keep control of the ball. Well, here I’ll tell you something about juggling 3 balls and the tips to juggle. 

3 Club Cascade

The Cascade is the first pattern that you should learn with three juggling balls. However, you follow the same 3 step approach that you may have used when learning the cascade with rings, scarfs, and balls…

Step 1 

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Practice throwing one ball from side to side in an arc that is a little above head height until it is fairly consistent. However, throws should not be out from your body but upwards. The club should do one complete spin, and you should be able to catch it cleanly by the handle end.

Step 2 

You should hold one ball in each hand. Toss one as before. As it reaches its peak, toss the other ball inside the first one to the same height.

Step 3 

Two balls should be held in your strong hand and one ball in your weakest hand. Start by throwing one ball from the stronger hand. When the first ball peaks, toss from the opposite hand. When this club peaks, throw from your first hand and keep going… You may need to experiment with different ways of holding two clubs in one hand so that you get a good first throw.

The Cascade pattern using 3 Juggling Clubs Remember that dropping is a sign of progress… Some people suggest that it helps to build up to 3 clubs by using one club and two balls. However, other people say that this is more distracting, as you have to get used to doing two different kinds of throws (a normal ball toss and a club flip) during one routine. It might be worth a try if you get stuck! 

What Next? (some ideas!)

  1. Most of the techniques you can do with balls can be done with clubs also.
  2. Learn some 3 Club tricks
  3. Try Club Rolling (do a Google search for more information!)
  4. Consider learning 4 club juggling (be aware that the first pattern you learn with 4 clubs is not the Cascade!)
  5. If you can juggle with scarfs, balls, rings, and clubs, then you should be able to juggle with any objects within reason as they will tend to act as one of these types of prop (e.g., oranges will behave like a ball, bottles will behave like a club)!
  6. Stretch your Circus Skills into learning some Diabolo or Devilstick manipulation!
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