Things You Need To Know About Street Dance -

Things You Need To Know About Street Dance

Street dance is not a formal dance. The best part about this dance is that it’s not restricted to the enclosed space like the dance studios. Street dancing includes a wide range of styles. Starting from krump to break dancing, everything comes under street dance.

Overview Of Street Dance

Street dance is a broad term and describes an extensive range of hip-hop and funk dance styles which grown from the United States of America and is being practiced by people since 1970s. Some of the most well-known street dancing forms are locking, popping, break-dance, and house dance.

Things You Need To Know About Street Dance
Things You Need To Know About Street Dance

The base of street dancing is improvisation. Participants allow rhythmic music to decide body movement. Nevertheless, street dancing can also have certain aspects of choreography and you have a wide range of moves for you to explore.

Fitness Advantages Of Street Dancing

There is a wide range of fitness advantages when you indulge in street dancing, let’s take a look at some of them;

Improves Stamina: When you perform a street dance, you have to follow a wide range of body movements. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in mind that if you put in a little effort, it will help you greatly. This is great as a regular workout for improving the stamina of your body over time.

Develops Flexibility: In contrast to various conventional dances, street dancing involves movements that need the hands of the dancers to support the body, leg joints, and also the feet. When you do it on a regular basis, it will help in strengthening the areas and enhance your body flexibility.

Improves Mental Self-Confidence: As soon as you have mastered the basics of this style of dancing and get to know some of the tricks, you will see an improvement in your self-confidence. You will start feeling happier. It gives you peace the of mind.

Develops Spatial Awareness: The complicated routine involved in street dancing might be a little difficult to grasp at the beginning. When you as the part of the group or alone start it, you see the spatial awareness and concentration come to you pretty naturally.

Types Of Street Dancing

The various styles that come under this and are given below;

Popping: This form emerged in the 70s from California and refers to a style where the muscles contracted and relaxed for creating twitches and jerks in the body of the dancer. Popping is done on a regular basis to the hip-hop track beats. It combines various other dance moves for creating an effortless effect.

Krumping: This is an expressive form of street dance which is quite like locking. It is used in hip-hop music rhythmic beat. This form is like an aggressive exercise where you will notice the dancers battling with each other as they face-off in a competition.

Things You Need To Know About Street Dance
Things You Need To Know About Street Dance

Locking: Conventionally this is a funk dance that involves locking features and distinctive movement of the upper body with relaxed legs. The motions of locking are usually over-exaggerated and choreographed to the music beat.

Even though street dancers make this look easy, reaching the high-skill level requires a lot of time, practice, and patience. Thus, you should not give up on it if you find yourself struggling. Even though street dancing is accessible to everybody, you should consider your music choice and physical condition you are in.

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