Top 10 Amazing 3d Street Art Paintings -

Top 10 Amazing 3d Street Art Paintings

3d Street Art

From Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” to Edvard Munch’s “the Scream,” painting has been loved by many since its beginning. The art form has produced numerous pieces that many can’t help but fall in love.

Painting has evolved so much since the two prior examples. There are Acrylic painting, Digital painting, Literati painting, and Hot wax painting. Among these, 3D street art is the most sought after around the world.

The concept of 3D street art is relatively recent since 3D paintings themselves are a current invention. If you come across dinosaurs roaming around or a huge hole in the middle of the road, it might be a visual art’s example. They will look so realistic from all angles until you touch it and grasp paint.

To make you understand it more, we have listed below the best of such images. Look at them and enjoy their amazing visuals. You will love 3D street art too.

Amazing 3D Street Art Paintings

A man doing a trick on a skateboard

Special Delivery

Graffiti on a wall

This 3D painting was painted for the FringeMK Festival in June 2011 at Milton Keynes, UK, by Melanie Stillwell. It depicted a scantily clad woman sitting in a hippo’s mouth while holding balloons.

The Beatles

This painting was created in October 2011 for the James Carling Pavement Art Festival by Planet Street Painting; it depicted the music band “Beatles” in an exaggerated cartoon style.


3D street artist Edgar Muller created this 3D street art. It was painted in August 2011 for the City Art Gallery. The painting depicts the titular bird rising from a river.

Visit Britain

This 3D street art was painted as a part of a tour by artist Joe Hill. He created multiple 3D artworks in numerous countries, centering on famous British events and landmarks. This painting was located in Shanghai, China, and depicted the skyline of London during nighttime.

Wunderful Life

A group created this 3D street art from Street Advertising Services in London. Measuring at around 100 square is a wall and floor piece that advertised Muller Pudding.

Batman Rising

This 3D street art was created in Julian Beever in Madrid to celebrate the film”The Dark Knight Rises.” The painting portrays the symbol of Batman aflame, rising from the ground to the skyline of Gotham.

Escape of the Mummy

Tracy Lee Stum created this 3D street art for the Youth in Arts Italian Street Painting Festival in 2008. The painting depicts a mummy climbing out of its burial chamber. The artwork relies on its proportions to give viewers quite a scare.

Rebook Crossfit

Joe Hill created this painting for Reebok Crossfit at the London Docklands. It depicted a massive chasm and was the longest anamorphic picture for a month.


Kurt Wenner created this 3D street art in 1987 for a documentary. Located in Grazie Di Curtatone, Mantua, Italy, It is the first interactive 3D street painting.

Central Shopping Centre

Qi Xinghua created this 3D street art in Macau, China, in 2012. It took over Reebok Crossfit as the longest anamorphic picture.

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