What Are The Different Types Of Poster?

Poster serves as a convenient and conventional medium for conveying information to the target audience. It came into being in the 1800s but it grew in popularity during the 19th century. Additionally, posters are a tad different than the other mediums of art as they are made up of text and graphic elements. But on the other hand, it is cost-effective and has turned out to be the best form of advertising.

There are different types of posters. Let’s check them out;

What Are The Different Types Of Posters?
What Are The Different Types Of Posters?

Advertising Poster

These have offered people images of the most popular pop culture of the 20th century. Several big brands have created these which have stood the test of time.  The bills that these brands made had been distributed through magazines, newspapers, and had been put up around the cities. These are also known as infomercial bills. It talks about a certain service or product which has been launched and requires the attention of people. Usually, they come with large images and some pointers stating the advantages of using the product or services. You will find a footer informing you about where you will be able to find the product or service.


Cinematographic and show bills are used for promoting any new TV show, musical concerts, and theater plays. Secondly, they contain the image, name, venue, details about the show. Also, these can be used as a pre-release notice for creating a thrill among people about the show which is going to release soon.


These have a straight structure and have a large image of the product of fashion, the model name, and an attractive tagline. It is mainly used to make sure that the brand stays in the mind of people.

Political Ad Poster

This is also called the propaganda posters. The ones which were used during the 19th century were for spreading awareness regarding war. However, they are now these used for political parties, particularly during electoral campaigns for spreading awareness in regards to various political parties that are contesting for a particular position. In case you have come across these already, you will notice that they have footer ads of the local businesses that are sponsoring the parties.

Formative Poster

There are some businesses like doctoral practices or medical business have a certain kind of audience. These kinds of businesses depend on developing awareness regarding the issues they are helping with. Businesses such as these can use these posters. However, they do not directly promote a product, service, or business. Apart from spreading awareness about problems, it discreetly mentions the name of the business as the one presenting the message.

What Are The Different Types Of Posters?
What Are The Different Types Of Posters?


These are used for spreading awareness regarding the whole campaign and do not simply promote a brand. Additionally, they are usually used for a specific period. Further businesses keep the target audience engaged by keeping interconnected notices like this where it will inform people and provide them with information about the future.

Posters are not for hanging in your kid’s room or to advertise a particular product. Additionally, it is useful for various purposes. Besides, they are informative and eye-catching and are being adopted by anyone who would like to create a connection with the audience.

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