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Why Should You Love Street Art Like Graffiti?

Curious about graffiti? Everyone feels that graffiti is vandalism. However, this is a piece of art. Previously, it was mostly found on the walls of the subway trains. It has now become an accepted form of art only in the recent times. There are various reasons to love graffiti art. Some of these reasons have been given below;

Why Should You Love Street Art Like Graffiti?
Why Should You Love Street Art Like Graffiti?

Turns Places Beautiful- Graffiti

There is no way we can deny the fact that some parts of the towns and cities are awful. To give some color, graffiti art can prove to be very helpful. It gives a certain place an instant makeover. Milan municipality has accepted this. This is the reason why in 2015, they launched a painting content to paint 150 boxes of traffic light control unit.

Creativity Is Significant In Graffiti

The art came into being when someone’s mind had a spark of an idea. Thereafter they followed it and put the idea into practice. Sure, this happens in all types of art form but that does not mean that this is less beautiful.

The Surrounding And Context

Art doesn’t have to be confined to a certain space or a gallery. Graffiti is for everybody. It is available for everybody on the street to see. Anyone, irrespective of the status and age. Also, it means that anybody will be able to do this and there is no need to take validation or permission from the world of art. A majority of the people painting on the street do not get paid and it is the love for art that drives them.

Link Of Gallery And Street Art

Albeit, street art isn’t limited to conventional space where it’s presented. However, this doesn’t mean that galleries can be written off. Art is always worth viewing and there are several benefits of viewing a gallery. What’s amazing is that street art can be displayed on the street and also on the gallery and it maintains an unrestricted and urban feel. This work of art is appreciated in the street and in the gallery, too.  

Why Should You Love Street Art Like Graffiti?
Why Should You Love Street Art Like Graffiti?

Freedom Of Expression

Greeks who do not have control over their financial crisis which is hampering their present, as well as future life, resort to street art. This is mainly for exercising their rights for telling the world they have a grudge and intends on resisting what is going on. While their financial future and their lives are spiraling out their control, they can keep their spirit alive through their love for art. They aren’t happy and will not keep quiet about it. Greek gave freedom of expression and they should use it.

Even though some artists can make money through mass production of graffiti, most of the artists can live off the money that they make through this. They usually work for free and only do small commissions for murals, art projects, festivals, etc. Street art can alter perspective and improve paradox.  Anyone will be able to understand street art. This is the reason it close to people as it is often just around the corner.

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